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Have your own private coffee tasting aka Cupping

A mini-tutorial that is meant for people who would love to know more about coffee, who would love to open their minds and taste buds on another level. During the cupping tour we talk about the basics of coffee. Where it comes from, how it gets its tase etc. We taste a lot of different coffees and take a look behind the scenes of coffee production.

Every training is conducted by one of our professional Coffee People cupping masters and a maximum of two coffee lovers.

The event takes place at Coffee People rostery at Sära tee 9/1, Peetri.

We kindly ask you to arrive 5 minutes before the tour begins, so we can wash our hands and inform you about the health and training requirements.

As times are a little hectic and the coffee roasting times are not set in stone, we cannot guarantee that the roasting process can be shown during the tour.


Price for one participants 55€ and for two 75€.


If you already have a cupping gift card purchased or received as a gift, please contact us directly at for the cupping time.

Put your name up for the fascinating private event!

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