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Chai Latte

Chalo Chalo Masala Chai Premix 0,3kg An authentic blend of black tea and masala. 

Ingredients: black tea extract (12%), masala extract (4%), sugar (84%).

Nutritional sheet per 100ml:
Energetic value kJ 1628,1/ kcal 388,9
Fats 0 g
Of which saturated 0 g
Carbohydrates 96,6 g
Of which sugars 47,5 g
Protein 1,3 g
Salt 0,1 g
Chalo Chalo Lemongrass Chai Premix 0,3kg
Refreshing chai with a touch of sweet and sour. 

Ingredients: black tea extract (10%), lemongrass extract (3%), sugar.

Nutritional sheet per 100ml:
Energetic value kJ 1637 / kcal 391
Fats 0,4 g
Of which saturated 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 96 g
Of which sugars 46,4 g
Protein 1,4 g
Salt 0,1 g