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KOHE KOHE Colombia Amount: 5 x 3,5g
Country: Colombia
Region: Macao, Huila
Varietals: Caturra, Catuai
Processing method: Wet process
Altitude: 1300-1700masl
Soil: Volcanic soil

This coffee is grown in the heart of one of the largest coffee regions, Huila, at an altitude between 1,300 and 1,700 meters. The coffee comes from small farms run by producers who train and educate themselves constantly in order to improve the quality of their production. This can be tasted in the cleanliness of the coffee.

The coffee is 100% arabica and consists mainly of the Caturra varietal with a little bit of Catuai, to give a complex and clean cup of coffee. The processing method for this coffee is fully washed giving it a clean and complex mouthfeel.
KOHE KOHE Brazil Amount: 5 x 3,5g 
Country: Brazil Region: João Pinheiro, Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil 
Farm: Santa Rita 
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon 
Processing method: Natural 
Altitude: 850 masl 
Soil: Dystrophic Yellow Latosol

The Cerrado Mineiro is recognized worldwide as a perfect environment for coffee development. It produces excellent coffee quality which is acclaimed by coffee lovers from all over the world. The region has a great abundance of water resources and a high density along with a great diversity of wildlife.

Santa Rita farm is 100% irrigated and it has a great topography allows the use of high-tech mechanized harvest, and they eagerly experiment with the newest technologies available for coffee production. Following the principles of respecting the environment, the natural resources and people, Soares farm is RainForest and UTZ certified. Santa Rita farm is a big partner in the Reforestation project of Brazil, by 2019 they have replanted 129,000 trees to bring back forests to the region.

The sweet hazelnut coffee profile is crafted by a double natural drying process – first to sundry in patios and then the partially dried fruits go to the mechanical drum dryers, where they can to reach the proper moisture level. The drying process is extremely controlled in a slow change of temperature to achieve the maximum accuracy of the process.

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