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Automatic Coffee Machine cleaning tablets

Automatic Coffee Machine cleaning tablets

For daily cleaning of coffee machines. Removes coffee residue. 

Phosphates >30%
Oxygen-based bleaching agents >30%
phosphonates <5%, non-ionic surfactants <5%

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Descaling appliance 750ml  Based on organic acids. 

Suitable for: all coffee and espresso machines etc.
Content: 750ml

Always consult your machine manufacturer's instructions. Fill 250ml of Descaler Greenie into the water tank and dilute it with 600ml of cold tap water. Run the solution through a complete cycle of your machine, then rinse
with 2-3 full tanks of tap water.
Crema COLOMBIA Aguas Claras Casanare Microlot 0,25kg Coffee People founder Annar Alas was invited to be a judge at Colombian National Coffee Competition where this lot was chosen to the finals. The entire lot from this tiny farm was bought by us right after the competition. The farmers were present at the auction and there were a lot of tears and emotions, when they saw the result of their hard work.
Aguas Claras coffee comes from a tiny region in Colombia called Casanare, this region is specialized on Specialty coffee. Between wax palm forests and majestic mountains, a high quality Typica coffee is grown.
Coffee Arabica Typica has been grown and perfected for centuries. The cup quality is just excellent, demonstrating outstanding sweetness and cleanliness. 

The good old berberis candy that you nicked from your grandmother’s nightstand, and a hint of earl grey to balance the taste.
Roast: Caffe Crema
Crema COLOMBIA Tolima, Planadas 1kg In the 50s Planadas region in South of Tolima became the birth place of guerillas. Guerillas claimed the area as „Independent Republic“ and built their base in Marquetalia. For decades the region was controlled by guerillas and paramilitary, making kidnappings and other horrors part of the everyday life in the area.
Now, the region has started to overcome the difficulties – growing coffee is promising a better future for the local people. The soils in this area are very rich in organic nutrients and high ground in the east side of this central mountain range has proved to be the perfect place for growing organic coffee that tastes like no other.
Oven baked tangy apple-peach pie, with a drizzle of caramel on top.
Roast: Caffe Crema