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CP Brown sugar 4g, 2000 pieces

CP Brown sugar 4g, 2000 pieces


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Natrue Natrue Oat Drink Ingredients: Montseny water, oats (15%).

How it is done:
We select and grind the grain, then macerate it. Then, with the aid of amylases (enzymes that convert carbohydrates such as starch into glucose molecules) we extract all the nutrients and sweetness from the oats. The drink then undergoes UHT treatment to ensure food safety standards before finally being packaged.

Nutritional sheet per 100ml:
Energetic value kJ 194 / kcal 46
Fats 0,8g
... Of which saturated 0,2g
... Unsaturated 0,3g
... Polyunsaturated 0,3g
Carbohydrates 8,1g
.... Of which sugars 5,4g
Dietary fiber 0,4g
Protein 1,4g
Salt 0,04g