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ESPRESSO No.3 0,5kg


Type Catuai, Caturra, Typica
Region Colombia and Guatemala blend
This is a special blend created by Coffee People.

No3 has won several blind tastings internationally, first issue won us Swissotel best coffee prize already in 2010.

We have used production of small coffee farms, microlotes from Colombia and Guatemala, earmarks of excellent coffee tastes to create the smoothest Swiss style espresso. 

​Every chocolate lovers dream, where the strong chocolate taste is amplified by big chunks of salted caramel bits.
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Type Catuai, Caturra, Typica
Region Colombia and Guatemala blend
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ESP COLOMBIA Hacienda La Guamera 0,5kg The coffee tradition of Colombia has led the La Meseta family for more than 35 years in creating a beautiful plantation for soft coffee, blended with the richest flavours and aromas that the Colombian mountains can provide.

Participation in the Good Agricultural Practices or the GAP programme has helped the Hacienda La Guamera together with a group of neighbouring farms to hold the coffee certification processes in high regard to show customers a community that seeks responsible coffee production and pure tastes.
Roast: Espresso
Pällo Grinder Brush + Counter Sweep Pallo kahepoolne veskipuhastushari on professionaalide kindel valik.

Ümar hari on disainitud veski doseerimisala hõlpsaks kohvipurust puhastamiseks ning harja teine pool sobib suurepäraselt tööpindade puhtana hoidmiseks.
Cafe Crema Brasilien, Cerrado Mineiro, Linda 0,5kg The Cerrado Mineiro is recognised worldwide as a perfect environment for coffee development.

This particular coffee is a blend of different arabic varietals that have been balanced to create a taste that is full-bodied and sweet with lower acidity. From the start Linda has been the favourite of Nicolas Bellangé, the founder of the coffee cooperative; throughout years it has maintained its status due to its stable high quality and smooth sweetness that Brazilian coffees are known for. 

Mild hint of nuts mixed with slightly caramelized juicy peach.
Roast: Caffe Crema
ESP COLOMBIA Inga Aponte Honey 0,5kg The farm of a local Native Colombian tribe is grown and harvested on the reservation by the local Inga tribe. Ingas represent one of the richest cultures in Colombia with their roots in the ancient Inka times. Ingas keep a close touch with the nearby tribes in the forests of Amazonas to carry on the ancient traditions while farming coffee. Coffee People has worked alongside with the tribe to help them take their production to a higher level and through this improve their economic welfare.

This coffee is honey process, which is an hybrid of natural and washed coffee. This method gives the coffee striking sweetness and good clarity with a medium-high acidity. 
Midsummer ripe cherry, coated with a thick layer of dark chocolate.
Roast: Espresso