Coffee People is the distributor and representative of some of the world's leading coffee brands in Estonia.


Rancilio is a company with a lengthy history. It has been producing world-class espresso machines since 1920.


Jura is a Swiss company and the only brand in the world solely dedicated to the production of fully automated espresso machines.


Fellow is an American company that has been making coffee equipment since 2013. Each product is a combination of design and functionality.


Brita GmbH is a German company whose product range includes professional water filters for coffee machines.


Established in 1958, Kalita is a Japanese company that produces professional coffee-making equipment.


Acacia produces equipment that is designed to transform the experience of coffee-making, focusing on details, aesthetics and user-friendliness.


Marco Beverage Systems Ltd is Ireland's leading hot-water delivery system company, known for its professional solutions and creative ideas.


Established in 1995, Compak is a company specialised in producing professional coffee grinders, which has branched out into more than 60 countries in the past 20 years.


Ronnefeldt has been producing high-quality tea since 1823, offering exquisite taste experiences.


Monsoy was established in 1995 and focuses on producing high-quality milk alternatives.


Chalo produces traditional Indian Chai Latte and is unique in the world of coffee, winning the SCA Award for Best New Product Specialty Beverage.


Cafelat is a revolutionary new range of products, designed exclusively for today’s specialty coffee market. Each product has been developed with exquisite design and durability in mind.


The US family company Bunn has been producing coffee-making equipment for more than 170 years.


The Chemex Coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. A family owned company has its headquarters in the Western Massachusetts.

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Frank Green

Frank Green has an honest approach to sustainability – reducing single-use waste by reimagining cups and bottles.

Good Design Awards winner 2015.

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The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee, which was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler.


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