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Sumatra, Lintong Raja Batak

Sumatra Lintong Raja Batak is a honey-processed, hand-pulped Arabica coffee. The word raja means 'king', while batak refers to the ethnic groups in Northern Sumatra who have their own language – making this Indonesian coffee the 'King of the Batak'.

The honey processing used means that the farmers dry the coffee with the sticky residue from the coffee plant, resulting in a sweeter and more intense character in the cup.

Sweet-sour homemade cherry jam, with a hint of warm midsummer in every sip.

I want this coffee!

  • Taste description
    body mild
    sweetness maple syrup
    acidity cherry
  • Region

    Indonesia, North Sumatra

  • Farm

    Lintong Raja Batak

  • Varietals

    Indonesian arabica coffee

  • Production

    Semi-washed honey processed coffee

  • Altitude

    1000-1600 masl