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A peaberry is a natural improvement to a regular coffee cherry, containing only one coffee seed bean instead of the usual two. Peaberries are extremely rare, making up about 5-10% of the world’s coffee crop. The “peaberry” gets its name from its uniquely round pea shape.


Our peaberries come from Thika region in central Kenya, where the main economic activities are in agricultural processing, particularly in pineapple and coffee processing.

A pleasant citrus party in every sip, with a syrupy aftertaste.


I want this coffee!

  • Taste description
    body cowberry
    sweetness maple syrup
    acidity pomelo
  • Region

    Thika, Kenya

  • Farm


  • Varietals

    SL 28, Ruiru, Batians

  • Production

    washed peaberry

  • Altitude

    1600 masl