1. Choose a package made by Coffee People or assemble it yourself

Premium package

Mini package

Assemble it yourself

2. Select the size and quantity

Small pack 250g


Medium pack 500g


Big back 1000g


3. Select the frequency

4 x month

2 x month

Every month

1 x in two months

1 x in three months

4. Choose the roast level

Light roast

Medium roast (caffe crema)

Espresso roast

5. Choose whole bean or ground coffee

Whole bean

Ground coffee

6. Choose the grind level

Esp Decaf/ Traditional espresso machine

Ibrik/Turkish Coffee Pot

Moka pot

Automatic coffee machine



Vacuum coffee maker Syphon


Filter coffee machine

French press

Cowboy coffee

Level 1.5
Level 21

6. Order Summary

Selected package size and quantity:
Order frequency:
Roast level:
Way of grinding:
Degree of grinding:
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