COLOMBIA Ciénaga, San Judas Tadeo

Ciénaga, San Judas Tadeo


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Type Castillo, Caturra, Tabí, Typica
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Country Colombia
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Region Ciénaga
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Plantation San Judas Tadeo

Taste description

Cedar seed
Red apple

Luisa Francisca was born and raised in the farm. Her parents decided to buy San Judas Tadeo farm in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to produce coffee and to give to her two daughters a beautiful childhood. When her father passed away, Luisa and her sister Alina decided to go back to the farm maintaining the tradition of coffee production. They had very difficult years in terms of violence, as in the region of the farm there were many illegal groups and guerrillas.
Luisa and Alina decided to start producing specialty coffee six years ago. That is why, they decided to partner up with Manuel Matta a technician in specialty coffee production in this region of Colombia. Luisa and Alina are very happy with the great results.

Weight 1 kg

0.25 KG, 0.5 KG, 1 KG

Roast level

Light roast

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