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Roastery, Shop and Office

Sära street 9/1

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We are extremely grateful that you chose our online store to satisfy your coffee needs. Your feedback is incredibly important to us so that we can provide you with even better service and high-quality coffee. Please share your experience with us, so we can hear your thoughts on our selection, customer service, and anything else that concerns you. Additionally, as a company, we strive to support sustainability, and many of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified, ensuring they are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and respect local communities. Thank you for being part of our community of coffee enthusiasts!

    Annar Alas

    Founder and CEO

    +372 619 2304

    Heili Politanov

    Green Coffee Dev. Manager

    +372 619 2304

    Johan Rohtla

    Head Roastmaster

    +372 619 2304

    Elerin Sõmer

    Sales Secretary

    +372 619 2304

    Piia Võrk

    Barista trainer and HoReCa sales executive

    +372 5550 0341

    Arnold Ilves

    Production Manager and Roastmaster

    +372 619 2304

    Graeme White


    +372 619 2304

    Leho Lemmats

    Service Technician

    +372 5309 8123

    Valter Lööper

    Production assistant/ technician

    +372 5883 0661

    Markus Savi

    Sales agent

    +372 5560 2419

    Daniela Torilo

    Sales secretary

    +372 619 2304