JURA J8 Piano Black


J8 for coffee specialities with sweetened milk foam

The new generation of the globally popular J line is packed full of technical innovations designed to create even more delicious coffee. The J8 prepares the full range of classic coffee drinks and now comes with even more specialities.

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Sweet Foam function – a new world of indulgence

Top chefs know that the secret of creating something truly special is to use pure, fresh ingredients that are expertly prepared. The same goes for exceptional speciality coffees. The new Sweet Foam function flavours the milk foam during preparation using the syrup attachment, taking indulgence to a whole new level. By choosing the type and amount of syrup, you can customise the flavour and intensity to your personal preferences. In this way, the J8 can even create popular trend specialities such as the Sweet Latte at the touch of a button.

Coffee Eye – the smart cup sensor

Whether you want a classic from the central coffee spout or a speciality finished with milk and milk foam from the cappuccino spout, the Coffee Eye makes it even easier to prepare the perfect coffee. This smart cup sensor detects the position of the cup and automatically adapts the selection of specialities on the display accordingly. For even simpler and more intuitive operation.

P.A.G.2+ – cutting-edge technology for the ultimate coffee

The P.A.G.2grinder is in a class of its own. It features sound design inspired by Formula 1 technology. The aroma control function actively monitors the grind consistency to ensure perfect results every time. Depending on the selected product, the machine will recommend setting the consistency to ‘mild’ or ‘intense’. This controls the aroma in the cup. The grinding level can be adjusted at any time, but before and after preparation the P.A.G.2+ always goes into rest mode to maintain its performance throughout its lifetime. This means that your coffee machine will continue to provide the perfect flavour for even longer.

Stunning design – inside and out

The look of the J8 embodies clarity and symmetry. The quality of the machine and the expertise that went into its design are reflected in superior manufacturing standards and precision craftsmanship. The reinterpretation of the international award-winning design reveals a passionate attention to detail. From the presentation of the fresh beans to the welcoming user interface and the illumination of the aromatic finished product, everything combines to form a harmonious whole and conveys the superiority of this premium coffee machine.

Tüüp Täisautomaatsed
Tootja Jura
Garantiiaeg 24 kuud
Kasutavad Jahvatatud kohv, kohvioad
Kohvimasina ekraan Värviline, puutetundlik
Kohvimasina menüü keeled eesti, inglise, läti, leedu, poola, saksa, soome, vene
Veepaagi maht 1.9 l
Kohviubade mahuti 250 g
Piimavahustusotsiku tüüp Automaatne voolikuga vahustaja
Kohviveski tüüp Terasest
Mitu musta kohvi saab valmistada korraga 2
Mitu piimaga kohvi saab valmistada korraga 1
Reguleeritav tassi suurus Jah
Kas kohvimasin valmistab kuuma vett? Jah
Reguleeritav kohvi kangus Jah
Maksimaalne tassi kõrgus 153 mm
Programmeeritav veetemperatuur Jah
Katlakivieemaldusprogramm Jah
Piimasüsteemi puhastusprogramm Jah
Masinapuhastusprogramm Jah
Automaatne loputus Jah
Võimsus 1450 W
Veepumba rõhk 15 BAR
Sügavus 44.6 cm
Kõrgus 34.8 cm
Laius 31.8 cm
Päritoluriik Šveits
Filtritüüp CLARIS Smart+
Kaal 10.2 kg
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