Ronnefeldt LeafCup; Rosy Rose Hip Organic DE-ÖKO-003; 15 pcs


TÜÜP: Herbal tea

Rosehips or rose hips are the fruits of wild rose plants. Regular roses have hips too but they are not the same as wild species and not used. Wild rosehips mostly from Ragusa roses are red in color but there are orange species too. Late autumn is the season to find them ripe. Although they are described as fruit, rose hips are not consumed as regular fruits. They are brewed in simmering water and turn into a delicious healing tea.

Ronnefeldt offers carefully produced leaf teas ready-portioned for the cup. They come in their own large filter made of eco-friendly natural fibres so they can unfold to their full size when boiling water is poured over them and release their very own individual flavour.

Classic rose hip and hibiscus fruit infusion crowned with a delicate and subtle dash of roses.

Ingredients: rose hip peel, hibiscus, rose petals.



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