DECAF COLOMBIA, Cauca, Chévere

Cauca, Decaf, Chévere

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Type Blend of Arabica varietals
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Country Colombia
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Region Cauca
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Plantation Decaf, Chévere

Taste description

Roasted seeds
Sugarcane syrup
White currant

This coffee, from the Huila terroir, is a blend of varieties growing between 1400 and 2000 masl. Huila has two harvests, the main one from March to June and the fly crop from October to November. This way, we can always deliver fresh coffee to your door.

The coffee is decaffeinated using a natural solvent called ethyl acetate, which is made from sugar cane. It is an extraction method that preserves all the aromatic molecules of the coffee. And this decaffeinated coffee contains 20 times less ethyl acetate than a banana peel!

Cauca is known for coffee production around east and central micro-regions on the mountains and close to Popayan city. The highlands of Cauca are suitable for the production of quality coffee from the high altitude and proximity to the equator and the surrounding mountains which protect the coffee from the humidity of the Pacific and the southern trade winds. The result is therefore a stable climate all year round with rich volcanic soil.

Weight 1 kg

0.25 KG, 0.5 KG, 1 KG

Roast level

Espresso, Light roast

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