Bali, Catur/Ulian

€13.29 – €43.92


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Type B1, Kartika Cobra
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Country Indonesia
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Region Bali
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Plantation Catur/Ulian

Taste description

Toasted bread
Strawberry jam
Orange peel

This microlot of honey processed coffee comes from the Western edge of the Kintamani Highlands, around Catur / Ulian. Arabica coffee is cultivated there, among citrus plants. This is the reason for the coffee to have a very typical citrusy flavor to it.

In the early of 1990’s, when the world coffee price got very low, many farmers had cut the amount of coffee bushes they had to start growing tangerines and oranges. Quite few of them continued to grow coffee bushes amongst these citrus plants. This created a natural „shade“ for the coffee plant to stay hidden from direct harsh sunlight and kept the soil moist for a longer time period.

Weight N/A

0.25 KG, 0.5 KG, 1 KG

Roast level

Espresso, Light roast

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